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vaporous rda

Vaporous rda

Vaporous RDA is a re-buildable dripper atomizer that’s 24 mm. There’s four holes into posts ensuring that dual coils and single coils can be supported. The deck design is embedded and the RDA can be used without any type of leaking. We offer bulk prices for wholesalers.

vaporous rda

kennedy rda 28mm

Engineered with a spacious build deck, the Vaporous RDA implements a shelf-style two-post design, with clamp configurations that exposes the two terminal openings per post to support dual or single coil configurations.

Vaporous RDA 24mm by Wotofo

This design provides superior conductivity and connectivity via top-loaded Phillips screw to secure each post, improving upon user-friendly effectiveness. Airflow of the Vaporous RDA features a dual slotted cutout, providing ample airflow delivery straight to the core.

A perfect execution of a simplistic yet effective design elements, the Vaporous 24mm RDA by Wotofo is worthy collection for rebuildable collectors


vaporous rda
vaporous rda

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